Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Module 2.1

I have 17 people coming for Christmas so I'm trying to get ahead of the game...

  • I liked the information on Subject headings and have already used one of the suggestions. (URGENT: Information needed)
  • I thought it was good information to indicate whether a response is required or not
  • I liked the repeating information back differently to show comprehension
  • I didn't realise that attachments are encoded/decoded
  • I thought the inclusion of text idea could be useful - although it may encourage people to not read the full attachment.
  • It says you shouldn't run .exe files which arrive via email unless you are certain of its source - I find this a bit misleading as one may receive a self propegating email from someone they know who doesn't know that their computer sent it.
  • Never heard of annotating email - I use outlook which apparantly doesn't have this.
  • I do keep copies of outgoing mail generally and am very adept at finding what I am looking for so I don't generally copy myself unless I need to take some action.
I thought there was useful information in this section - although a lot of it was information I already knew. I do think the writing style of these notes is great - in reading I am seeing things in a different light which is fantastic.

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